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Thursday, 28 April 2011



No HCOA/MK/02                                                                 Dt 25 April 2011


Ministry of Defence
Govt. Of India
Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare
Sena Bhawan New Delhi



Highly dedicated JCOs are granted Honorary commission at the
fag end of their service in recognition of their long meritorious services in the different field of their works. The rank attracts mainly financial benefit, but the same has been denied to them by the 6th pay commission. They have to discharge the duties equivalent to regular officer. But step motherly treatment has been meted out to them by the 6th pay commission while fixing their pay.

Honorary Commissioned officers have been brought in pay band three with pay scale of 15600-39000. In This connection it is submitted that:-

(a) Bringing the Honorary commissioned officers in PB-3 is
not correct as it is against the spirit for grant of Honorary Commission. Honorary Commissioned officers can not be equated with regular officers since these are two different streams and have different terms and conditioned of services. This has been justified in a Judgement pronounced by the Principal bench of Armed forces Tribunal wide TA No 313 of 2010.

(b) Prior to implementation of Govt. orders of 6th pay
commission JCOs of the rank of Honorary Lt. and Honorary Capt. were getting fixed salary of Rs. 10500 and Rs 10850. respectively and their pension was being determined at 50% of their fixed salary as determined by 5th pay commission.

(c) The 6th pay commission has not given any consideration to
the conditions under which JCOs are granted Honorary Commission after long and unblemished service. They have been brought in the pay band three instead of giving them fixed salary.

(d) Honorary Capt. and Honorary Lt. are the Highest ranks in the army in the PBOR stream as is the case of general officers
cader in the regular officer stream.

(e)COAS,VCOAS and army Commanders were also given
fixed salary in the 5th pay commission and in the 6th pay commission also they have been given fixed salary with a considerable hike.

(f) The JCOs granted Honorary commission have been ignored
and discriminated by the 6th pay commission lowering their pay and pension drastically.

Taking into consideration the service conditions and decisions of previous pay commissions and also the recommendations of 6th pay commission and applying fitment formula of 1.86 recommended by 6th pay commission and approved by the Govt. the pension of Honorary Commissioned officers works out given below.

                                            Hony Lt             Hony Capt

Fixed salary as per               10500.00           10850.00
5th pay commission
by multiplying with                19530.00           20181.00
fitment formula of 1.86
MSP                                         6000.00             6000.00

Grade pay                               5400.00             6100.00

Total                                        30930.00          32281.00

50% pension                          15465.00         16141.00

Due to the Anamolies and flaws at the behest of the 6th pay
commission Honorary rank of Lt. and Capt. are getting lesser amount of pension Rs. 1965.00 and 2291.00 plus DA respectively per month. Ministry of defence is humbly requested to look into the matter and rectify the Anamoly in the fixtation of pension of Honorary Lt. and Honorary Capt. to the tune of Rs. 15465.00 and 16141.00 for all pre.2006 Honorary Commissioned officers.

Waiting for an early reply

Thanking you.
                                                                                           Yours Faithfully

Date-24 Apr 2011                                                     JC-138692Y SM/Hony Capt SARJIT SINGH 
And All Members Of 
Honorary Commissioned
Officers Association

H.No B IV 177, Jarg Road

Maler Kotla, Distt Sangrur(pb)

Contact No 09417061958 Pin 148023

Copy endorsed to
This refer to our representation
Indian Ex Services league to the President in state level
9 Nyaya Marg Chankyapuri rally at Ludhian on 10 Mar 11
New Delhi 110021 and application
Dated 16 Mar 2011. 

1 comment:

  1. That is it. Rightly said sir, I was saying the same thing that all pensioners are one class. However defence pensioners due to truncared career at 30,35,40,45,50 needs extra pensinary benifits. This is alsoo not extra only OROP with every pay commission missed by the retiree. I think civil side pensioners will see 2 or 3 pay commissions and there is end of Govt. pension for that class, because those joined after 2004 will be superannuated then.



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